Hans-Balder Havenith

Havenith  Hans-Balder
Dr. ir.
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-4D seismic response and slope failure
(Coordinator of the bilateral BE-CH project ULiege-ETH Zurich, funded by FNRS-SNSF)
-Earthquake Hazard and Vulnerability assessment:
 developing innovative solutions for sustainable Risk Reduction and Communication in Haiti
(Coordinator of the Belgian cooperation, ARES, project, jointly organised with URGeo, UEH, Haiti)

Scientific Background
Graduate Degree in Geology (Diploma), University of Liege (ULg), 1996.
Degree of Civil Engineer in Geology, University de Liege, 1998.
Degree of Doctor of Applied Sciences, University de Liege, 2003.

Last publications
-H.B. Havenith, I. Torgoev, A. Torgoev, A. Strom, Y. Xu, T. Fernandez-Steeger (2015).
The Kambarata 2 blast-fill dam, Kyrgyz Republic, blast event, geophysical monitoring and dam structure modeling.
Geoenvironmental Disasters, 2:1, 1-15. 10.1186/s40677-015-0021-x
-H.B. Havenith, A. Torgoev, A. Braun, R. Schlögel, M. Micu (2016).
A new classification of earthquake-induced landslide event sizes based on seismotectonic, topographic, climatic and geologic factors.
Geoenvironmental Disasters, 3(6), 2-24.
-A. Torgoev, H.B. Havenith (2016).
2D dynamic studies combined with the surface curvature analysis to predict Arias Intensity amplification.
Journal of Seismology, 3, 711-731.
-H.-B. Havenith, P. Cerfontaine, A.-S. Mreyen (2017). How virtual reality can help visualise and assess geohazards. International Journal of Digital Earth, 1-17.
-S. Ulysse, D. Boisson, C. Prépetit, H.B. Havenith, (2018). Site Effect Assessment of the Gros-Morne Hill Area in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Part A: Geophysical-Seismological Survey Results. Geosciences, 8, 142, 1-22.


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