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Cauchie Léna

-INTERREG Europe project E-Test (Einstein Telescope EMR Site & Technology, https://www.etest-emr.eu)
-FRS-FNRS Bilateral project: Al Hierro Megalandslide Modelling
-FNRS-SNSF: 4D seismic response and slope failure:
Developing seismological experiments in 3D mountain environments, for site effect assessment. Application to slope and mass movement sites in Eastern Belgium, Swiss Alps and the South-eastern Carpathians (Romania).

Scientific Background

-B.Sc in General Physics, university of Pisa, Italy(2007)
-M.Sc in Applied and Exploration Geophysics, University of Pisa, Italy (2008)
-PhD in Seismology, School of Geological Sciences, University College of Dublin, Ireland (2015):
“Analysis of sustained seismo-volcanic activity and inferences on its driving mechanism: an application to Mt Etna Volcano, Italy. ”

Last publications:

- Mreyen A-S., Cauchie L., Micu M., Onaca A., Havenith H-B, Multiple geophysical investigations to characterize massive slope failure deposits: application to the Balta rockslide, Carpathians, (2021), Geophysical Journal International, https://doi.org/10.1093/gji/ggab028

- Cauchie L., Lengliné O., Schmittbuhl J., Seismic asperity size evolution during fluid injection: case study of the 1993 Soultz-sous-Forêts injection (2020), Geophysical Journal International, 221, 968-980.

- Cauchie L., Saccorotti G., Bean C.J., Quantifying Uncertainties in location and source mechanism for Long-Period Events at Mt Etna, Italy, (2018), NEMOH Final Volume, chapter 2

- Cauchie L., Saccorotti G., Bean C.J., Amplitude and recurrence time analysis of LP activity at Mt Etna, Italy, (2015) Journ. of Geophys. Res.,120,6474-6486

- Di Traglia F.,Cauchie L., Casagli N.,Saccorotti, Decrypting geophysical signals at Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Integration of seismic and Ground-Based InSAR displacement data, (2014),Geoph.ys Res. Lett., 41, Issue 8, pp 2753-2761

- Piccinini D., Saccorotti G., Mazzarini F., Zupo M., Capello M., Musumeci G., Cauchie L. , Chiarabba C., Passive, Broad-band seismic measurements for geothermal exploration: the gapss experiment,(2013) European Geothermal Congress.

-Cauchie L., Saccorotti G., Probabilistic Inversion of Rayleigh-wave dispersion data: an application to Mt Etna, Italy, (2013) Journ.of Seism., Vol. 17, No.2, pp 335-346.


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