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The teaching activities of Prof. Hans-Balder Havenith and his team members include :

Lectures given in French :

  • Lectures in 'Geological Mapping I+II' at Liege University - for Geologists (Bachelor and Master) and Engineering Geologists (Master) : since 2007, 40+80h/y (supported by Dr. A.C. Da Silva).
  • Lectures in 'Structural Geology and Geomorphology' at Liege University - for Geologists (Bachelor) : since 2013, 30h/y (supported by Mrs. A.-S. Mreyen and V. Piroton).
  • Lectures in 'Numerical Modelling in Geology' (30h/y) at Liege University - for Geologists (Bachelor) : since 2017, 20h/y (main contribution by Mr. Ph. Cerfontaine).

Lectures given in English :

  • Lectures in ‘Neotectonics, Seismology and Physical Volcanology’ (50h/y) - for Geologists and Astrophysicists (Master) : since 2014, 60h/y (supported by Dr. L. Cauchie), now combined with English II lecture: since 2017 (shared with Mrs. C. Brereton).
  • Lectures in ‘Geological Risk assessment’ at Liege University - for Geologists, Engineering Geologists (Master) : since 2003, 60h/y, and the 'Master de spécialisation en Gestion des risques et des catastrophes : since 2008, 15h out of 50h/y (shared with Profs. B. Dewals, A. Hubert-Ferrai, P. Ozer).
  • Lectures in 'Geothermy' at Liege University - for Engineering Geologists (Master) : since 2018, 10h out of 50h/y (shared with Profs. A. Dassargues and R. Charlier).

The group hosted 20 successfully completed Diploma/Master theses in Geology, Engineering Geology and Natural Risk Management (complementary Master), at Liege University, and co-directed 10 Master theses at RWTH Aachen University, since 2005.

Below, the titles of 10 selected Master theses are presented:
Schlögel, R. (2009):  Detection of recent landslides in Maily-Say Valley, Kyrgyz Tien Shan, based on field observations and remote sensing data.
Master Thesis in Geology, University of Liege, 133 p. (director).

De Marneffe (2010): Cartographie et modélisation 3D de la géologie de la vallée de Mailuu-Suu, Tien Shan.
Mémoire (Master Thesis in Geology: ‘Geological Mapping and 3D Modelling applied to the Mailuu-Suu Valley, Tien Shan’), University of Liege, 93 p. (director).

Dumont, G. (2010): The use of the H/V spectral ratio technique in urban areas: the seismic microzonation of the City of Osh, Kyrgyz Republic and a preliminary evaluation of the site effects in Aachen, Germany.  
Master Thesis in Engineering Geology, University of Liege, 90 p. (director)

Dupont, B. (2011): Application of microseismic measurements and geomodelling to the study of two loess landslides in the valley of Faizabad, Northern Tajikistan.
Master Thesis in Geology, University of Liege, 65 p. (director)

Deprez, R. (2012): Prospection géophysique et géomodélisation 3D du glissement de terrain et du bassin de retenue de Tuyuk-Suu, Minkush, Tien Shan kirghize.
Mémoire (Master Thesis in Geology: ‘Geophysical investigation and 3D geomodelling of landslide and tailing sites in Minkush, Kyrgyz Tien Shan’), University of Liege, 98 p. (director)

Xu, Y. (2014): Geologische 3D Modellierung und Analyse der Standsicherheit des Kambarata-2 Sprengschuttdammes.
Masterarbeit (Master Thesis in Applied Geosciences: ‘3D geological modelling and slope stability analysis applied to the Kambarata-2 blast-fill dam’), RWTH Aachen University, 100 p. (co-director)

Heeren, M. (2014): Caractérisation de la zone faille de Hockai et evaluation de son potentiel géothermique.
Mémoire (Master Thesis in Geology: ‘Characterisation of the Hockai Fault Zone and evaluation of its geothermal potential’), University of Liege, 103 p. (director)

Mreyen, A.S. (2016). Geophysical investigations and numerical back analysis of a landslide in the Poudingue de Malmedy, located in the Hockai Fault Zone, Belgium.
Master Thesis presented at the RWTH Aachen University, 134 p. (co-director).

Matossian, A. (2017). Identification of giant mass movements in the Lesser Caucasus and assessment of their spatial relationship with major fault zones and volcanoes.
Master Thesis presented at Liege University, 137 p. (director).

Piroton, V. (2018). Évolution récente de glissements de terrain de la vallée de Mailuu-Suu au Kirghizistan par interférométrie radar différentielle (D-InSAR) et analyse d’images optiques.
Master Thesis presented at Liege University, 68 p. (director).

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