Georisk and Environment Selected Publications since 2007:

  • H.-B. Havenith, P. Cerfontaine and A.-S. Mreyen (2019). How virtual reality can help visualise and assess geohazards. International Journal of Digital Earth, 12(2), 173-189.
  • A. Depicker, L. Jacobs, D. Delvaux, H.B. Havenith, J.C. Maki Mateso, G. Govers and O. Dewitte (2020). The added value of a regional landslide susceptibility assessment: The western branch of the East African Rift. Geomorphology, 353, .
  • A.O. Matossian, H. Baghdasaryan, A. Avagyan, H. Igityan, M. Gevorgyan and H.B. Havenith (2020). A New Landslide Inventory for the Armenian Lesser Caucasus: Slope Failure Morphologies and Seismotectonic Influences on Large Landslides. Geosciences, 10(3):111.
  • E. Lemaire, A.S. Mreyen, A. Dufresne, and H.B. Havenith (2020). Analysis of the influence of structural geology on the massive seismic slope failure potential supported by numerical modelling. Geosciences, 10(8), 323.
  • V. Piroton, R. Schlögel, C. Barbier and H.B. Havenith (2020). Monitoring the recent activity of landslides in the Mailuu-Suu Valley (Kyrgyzstan) using radar and optical remote sensing techniques. Geosciences 10(5), 1-27.
  • A-S Mreyen, L Cauchie, M Micu, A Onaca and H-B Havenith (2021). Multiple geophysical investigations to characterize massive slope failure deposits: application to the Balta rockslide, Carpathians. Geophysical Journal International, 225(2), 1032–1047.
  • X. Fan, A. Dufresne, J. Whiteley, A. P. Yunus, S. S. Subramanian, C. A.U. Okeke, T. Pánek, R. L. Hermanns, P. Ming, A. Strom, H.-B. Havenith, S. Dunning, G. Wang and C. T. Stefanelli (2021). Recent technological and methodological advances for the investigation of landslide dams. Earth-Science Reviews, 218.

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