iRALL school support

Our group supports the iRALL school, Chengdu and Beichuan, organised by SKLGP, Chengdu University of Technology (since 2016)

Collaboration with Dr. Xuanmei Fan, Dr. Wei Hu, Prof. Qiang Xu, Prof. Runqiu Huang
iRALL” The International Research Association on Large Landslides, is an international non-governmental, non-political, non-profit-making and unaffiliated institution for the promotion of knowledge about large landslides founded on 11th November 2015.
The scientific committee consists of international experts in the field of large landslides. The secretariat of iRALL is located at the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection (SKLGP), Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu, China.
The objectives of iRALL are to promote:
    •Cooperation and exchange of knowledge among scientists and engineers working on large landslides
    •The dissemination of scientific knowledge of large landslides
    •The mitigation of risks associated with large landslides and their consequences

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