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Piroton Valentine
Assistant – PhD student

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Identification and monitoring of glacial lakes in the northern Tien-Shan, Kyrgyzstan
This PhD project focuses on the detection and the monitoring of glacial lakes and related hazards in high-mountain environments using Earth Observation (EO) data. The main objective is to better understand the dynamic of glacial zones and associated natural hazards (e.g., Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) and slope instabilities), to assess the potential of glacial lakes to outburst and to evaluate their potential impact downstream.

Scientific Background
-B.Sc in Geology, University of Liege, Belgium (2017)
-M.Sc in Geology, University of Liege, Belgium (2018)

Last publications

- Piroton V, Schlögel R, Barbier C, Havenith H-B. Monitoring the Recent Activity of Landslides in the Mailuu-Suu Valley (Kyrgyzstan) Using Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Techniques. Geosciences. 2020; 10(5):164.

- Piroton V., Schlögel R. & H-B. Havenith. Differential radar interferometry and optical images analysis to study recent landslides evolution in the Maily-Say valley, Kyrgyzstan (2019) Geologica Belgica, 22/1-2, 91-96.

- Schlögel R., Piroton V., Gariano S. L., Steger S. & Kofler C. Monitoring climate change effect on meteorological hazards in mountainous regions (2018), EO4Alps, Innsbruck, Austria.

Teaching activity
- Geological mapping
- Structural geology and geomorphology
- Geological mapping and modelling
- Oceanography
- Marine sediment geochemistry
- Paleoclimatology
- Sedimentary and environmental geochemistry

About me
tel : 04 366 20 65
    office: 0/78

    Dept. Of Geology (B18) 
    14 Allée du six août
    4000 Sart-Tilman Liège

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